In 1991, The Creeks opened the first Assisted Living community in the San Francisco Bay Area exclusively for people with Alzheimer’s disease and various forms of dementia. In the past 20 years, we have created a warm, comfortable and fun environment for our residents. Our activities program is exclusive to The Creeks communities and part of our proprietary integrated approach that allows our residents to truly thrive here.

The Importance of Activities

“Living in the Moment” is not just a philosophy; it’s a way of life here at The Creeks.

“Living in the Moment” means offering a variety of activities throughout the day that allow our residents to feel a sense of purpose and value. Our daily activities focus on keeping the mind, body, and spirit active and engaged. At The Creeks, we assist our residents in finding fulfillment and success. Our interactive program allows staff the opportunity to engage socially with our residents and to praise their accomplishments.

Types of Activities

Our program is focused on social engagement. Through a variety of activities, we are able to impact every resident. We offer: Music, Art, Pet Therapy, Access to Nature, Laughter, Brain Games, and Sensory Stimulation, to name a few. Music stimulates the memory through listening, singing, and rhythmic movement. Singing or listening to songs enables people to experience positive feelings. Our Art activities give our residents a form of communication and expression that goes far beyond words and language. Pets share our home and nurture the soul; they give a person something to focus on outside of themselves.

Walking and experiencing our herbal gardens arouse the senses of aroma and visual beauty.

Activities add to the companionship between our residents. Whether singing with a friend, or helping plant a flower in the garden, positive encouragement and interaction between our residents happens every day. Even our residents that may not actively participate, still benefit from our sensory awareness and positive social environment.