How do we choose the right community for our loved one?

There are many industry-accepted guiding principles when it comes to identifying the right community for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Recommendations include:

  • Keep the person with dementia as the focus of the process;
  • Look for a place where people are treated with dignity and respect;
  • A community needs to be able to meet any special needs that your loved one may have; and
  • residents of dementia communities should be in an environment that allows them to feel safe and fosters independence.Experts recommend, and look at, these 7 key areas:
    1. Nutrition and Hydration: The Creeks assure excellent nutrition by offering 3 delicious, healthy meals, including 2 snacks daily. We encourage hydration by offering the recommended 8 glasses per day, and in addition we have a hydration station available to our residents. We use fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Our residents are able to satisfy their sweet tooth with desserts such as chocolate and lemon meringue pie. To meet the needs of our residents, we can accommodate most special diets.
    2. Pain Management: Recognizing and investigating signs of pain or distress is a daily standard at The Creeks. Caregivers are alert and trained to recognize any unusual behavior, verbal or non-verbal cues that may indicate pain or discomfort
    3. Social Engagement: Within our exclusive and proprietary program, we offer: Live entertainment from local performing artists, games that highlight skills and foster success, along with activities and projects that give our residents and sense of purpose and accomplishment. Residents enjoy working together in our vegetable garden, taking nature walks, and cheering for their fellow trivia champions, among other things.
    4. Wandering: The Creeks offer a safe and secure environment where residents can enjoy walking freely around the grounds. Walking is an excellent form of exercise; it promotes independence and affords the opportunity for some peaceful time alone if desired. Residents enjoy a sense of freedom in going out in the backyard and patio areas. Family members can be confident residents are safe within our secured perimeter.
    5. Fall Precautions: The Creeks’ staff is very attentive in regards to fall precautions due to our delicate resident population. Our trained staff is alert 24 hours a day to monitor and assist residents. Special attention is paid to resident’s specific needs and a personalized care plan may include additional safety measures.
    6. Physical Restraints: The Creeks never use physical or chemical restraints. Our specially trained staff uses an innovative approach that includes creative problem solving and positive re-direction. Our specialized approach and strategically designed environment allow us to help people who may have sundowning or challenging behaviors.
    7. End of Life Care: When evaluating Assisted Living Communities, look for a community that can meet the needs of a resident who requires hospice care. We make the journey with our residents and their families through all the stages of their lives. Residents and families can benefit from hospice services provided here at The Creeks. We respect a resident’s personal preferences, communicate and coordinate care with family, and hospice providers, and quickly adapt to a person’s daily changes in needs and abilities.

I feel guilty because I told dad I would take care of him and keep him at home for as long as possible. Why do I feel guilty?

It is completely natural to have feelings ranging from guilt to sadness or anger. There may come a point in caring for a loved one when you have to switch roles from son or daughter to decision maker or caregiver and ask yourself “What is best for dad?” It may be unrealistic to expect so much of yourself; caregiving can be more than a full time job. It is ok to ask for help from family and friends. It is important to understand that people’s needs continually change. You are also welcome to make a no obligation consultation with us for more personalized advice and resources.

How do we tell mom we are going to move her to an Assisted Living community? Mom will never agree to leave her home; she's lived there for 30 years.

Each individual is unique and responds to different approaches. Please contact us to devise a customized approach for a successful transition. We have over 20 years experience in successful transitions.

We are not sure if we can afford mom's care. How long can we make mom's resources last?

There are many funding options that may be available to you. For many families, living in an Assisted Living Community like The Creeks is more cost effective than caring for someone at home.

How do we know when it's the right time to move a loved one into an Alzheimer's and Dementia community?

There are many factors to consider. Are their care needs being met? Is your loved one bored, lonely, or restless? Are they up at night? Do they wander? Are they refusing care, and/or becoming agitated or anxious?

Am I experiencing caregiver burnout?

Please take our quick Caregiver Burnout Questionnaire